Dannielle Bell-2
Dannielle Bell
Teacher, Mother of 3, Business Owner

Nathalie is such a strong advocate for living into our wholeness and fullness and she’s willing to do what it takes to support us to get there. She’s courageous. She’s beautifully articulate, very loving and holding. I cannot recommend her enough. She has some extraordinary gift that creates real transformation.

Sarah Thistlethwaite 2
Sarah Thistlethwaite
Mother of 2, Business Owner

Transformational coaching with Nathalie changed my life. Nathalie’s lessons gave me the inspiration and the tools to explore the possibility of having a business of my own and the guidance to  make it work.

John T.
Freelance Author

I used to be very stressed about making money, stuck in job I hated. Nathalie helped me turn my paralysing stress into renewed confidence. By working together we were able to find the right career opportunities that match my interests, skills, and most importantly my longing for contribution.

Shannon Sutherland
Shannon Sutherland
Birth Partnership Midwife

Nathalie has supported me to uncover stories I had created for myself that have ultimately held me back from living my deepest desires. By breaking free of these old stories I have stepped into a place of confidence in my ability to be a creator of my future relationships. Nathalie’s genuine nature, her joyful and caring presence makes me feel incredibly comfortable to be open and vulnerable, which I believe is key to transforming my life. 

Profile Pic Nicole Tewierik
Nicole Tewierik
Business Owner, Nicole Tewierik Coaching

At the time, I wished I had someone who could guide me through how to manage both my career and the crazy emotional and physical journey that goes along with infertility so that I could better manage the stress, and anxiety. The insanity of injection in the bathroom between meetings was too much sometimes and I know it impacted our journey for sure.

Profile Pic Hazel Horrell
Hazel Horrell
Project Controls Manager, PanAust Limited

I am a woman aged 35 who has undergone IVF to conceive my son. The journey I have experienced was confusing and emotionally taxing. I wish I’d had the support or counselling services to help me work through the plethora of information available, and to offer emotional support at a time where I felt the most vulnerable. I have known Nathalie for the past 7 years, and have the utmost confidence in Nathalie’s ability to provide support and counselling services to women undergoing reproductive and fertility treatments.

Sarah Thistlethwaite 2
Sarah Thistlethwaite
Mother of two, Business Owner

My Transformational Coaching with Nathalie over the last 7 weeks has been exactly what I have needed to change some long time stagnant mindsets that weren’t getting me anywhere about my self beliefs, allowing to open my mind up in a way I never thought possible. Nathalie is helping me BELIEVE through her techniques and natural intuition that I CAN be the best version of myself through thinking in a different way to find what’s true for me. Thank You Nathalie, I am so grateful you are in my life.

Sara Sparkle Tramp
Sara Tramp
Business owner, Investor, Gipsy Queen

Nathalie’s presence alone is comforting and inspiring. Her deep presence spawns even deeper connection that has a way of transforming everything it touches. Her kindness and generosity of soul create a comfort and level of deep understanding that generate healing and catalyze life-changing transformational breakthroughs in areas that had previously been blind spots for highly accomplished and self-aware women.

Kay Shelton
Kay Shelton
Artist, Business Owner, Mind Your Body And Soul

Nathalie has a gentle feminine yet powerful energy. I always feel completely held, seen, witnessed and safe when being coached by her. She conducts each session with great fluidity in the way she explains and then guides you through the process. Her deep listening, reflection, mirroring and powerful questioning support me to feel safely held to go into deep exploration of my issue.

Elizabeth Eliis
Elisabeth Ellis
Author, Founding Director, Simple Living Now 

Nathalie is a breath of fresh air and a delight to work with. She is warm and engaging and very nurturing. I always feel deeply held, seen and heard, and very loved up in her presence. She has keen insight into problem areas and a stack of knowledge and wisdom from her own lived experiences to draw upon. You are in very good hands when you work with Nathalie.