Join the league of Extraordinary Mothers!

A Motherhood by Design for Evolution Women, Leaders & Visionaries.

Here we offer a motherhood by design for evolutionary women, leaders and visionaries. Fertile Grounds is a space, an embrace. Like a first breath, an infinite moment in time. A search for meaning. An act of Love, a power-partnership with life itself.

Together we reveal YOUR unique motherhood identity, to fit you like skin.  

With an exclusive personalised whole of life transformational process, we cultivate the rich foundations for us to grow, expand and self-actualise through and within the struggles, uncertainties and emotional roller coasters of being or becoming a mother.

We let go of the myth that BEING a mother and a leader have to be mutually exclusive! 

We forge a new platform for our soul to express and our vision to unfold in a truly unique and fully embodied way. 

We find pathways to manifest our destiny contribution, soaring to new and unprecedented levels of fulfilment, not only as a parent, but more critically as a woman, lover, creator, influencer, contributor and leader.

We ignite a chain reaction that radically transforms the many areas of our lives so they finally match the fullness of hearts and our souls.

Together, as mothers, we create the future of our world.


If this sounds like you, check the coaching packages and head this way to request a call:

Note: coaching is by application only. My desire to serve the women and children of this Earth is coupled with a commitment to radical self-care in order to honour my soul contract and fulfil my own destiny contribution.  I can only work at the speed and the depth of these practices with a limited number of women who come to me.  Your inner GPS has taken you here, so let’s talk and see if we can place you on the waiting list to get started soon.