Tarnya L
Tarnya Lowe
Director, Inclusive People Solutions

After going through IVF for 12 years, we were lucky to get a positive outcome. It was an incredibly lonely, difficult journey without a lot of emotional support offered along the way. I wish I had been offered a program¬† that helped us to mentally manage this process better so I didn’t have to bare the burden alone, jeopardise my relationships and lead a happier existence through the IVF process. Those 12 years were a bit of a blur on the conveyor belt that is IVF. I saw the best specialists but no one ever discussed the mental agony we (my partner and I) were silently suffering. A support system like Nathalie’s would have been life changing.

Sarah Thistlethwaite
Sarah Thistlethwaite
Mother of two, Business Owner

In all my life you are one of the only people who truly gets what I am feeling. Your get me. You are literally drawing it out of me. Each week I am looking forward to our session. I have goose bumps right now saying this, I feel so much relief! You get me, it’s like you are connecting me with the real me!

Natalie Moss
Natalie Moss
Thermomix in Australia

I had the most relaxing experience today from Nathalie! I fully zoned out whilst being blissfully treated with special oils & application method all in the most relaxed environment!
I highly recommend it to anyone.

Jaimie Bauer
Jaimie Loiterton Bauer
Hair Artist, Business Owner, Willow Vale Hair & Day Spa

Treatment was blissful and absolute soul therapy! Thank you for such a grounding and calming treatment! Truly appreciated after the crazy weeks I have had after our house fire. Love light and abundant blessings.

Laura Hall Carragher
Financial Account, GALA Solutions

Thank you Nathalie for my Essential Oil Massage today. It was absolutely beautiful. It’s the best I’ve felt in a very long time. Like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders! Look forward to doing it again one day.

Caroline Almeida
Kumari Lalita

I went to attend the workshop “Nurture your Pregnancy Naturally” with Nathalie, and it was such a great meeting! She is absolutely lovely and authentic, sharing her knowledge and experiences with people, encouraging them to access their own inner power to achieve things in life! Super open discussion and accessible to everyone! If you get the chance to attend any of Nathalie’s workshop, don’t miss it… it might be the change you’ve been waiting for!

Marketa Richardson
Marketa Simonova Richardson
Therapist, Founder, Uplifting Kinesiology

I’ve had the Aroma touch massage done by Nathalie and it was absolutly amazing. I actually was so relaxed that I was able to tune in to the universal energy. Nathalie is exceptional! Thank you.

Amelia Melki
Business owner, House Vibes Furniture

Nathalie’s services are amazing and her products are so wonderful! I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for relaxation or healing. Thank you Nathalie.

Nikki Durre

Nathalie takes the time to sit with you and go over how you can include the essential oils in your life easily. She gives tips and shows how to use and what combinations work well together.
Thanks so much Nathalie, my family now has embraced essential oils through your guidance.

Renae Christensen
Digital Marketer, Founder, Renae Christensen

I’m so grateful I have gotten to meet Nathalie! I had heard about oils and everything but it all seemed too overwhelming and quite honestly I didn’t know where to start so I just thought “oh it’s not for me” WELL I’m so happy that Nathalie came up to me after an event I held and really helped me understand what oils are and how they help. She completely made the process so fun & understandable. I am now literally OBSESSED with my oils, I feel the difference and cannot wait to learn so much for from you!! I’m so grateful you’ve introduced me to them!!