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Too often do we see pregnancies get in the way of significant career or life accomplishments.

The struggles of women are real.

If societal dynamics and long-standing cultural beliefs have placed us, career women, in a never-ending bind of lose-lose situations, which is leaving us feeling powerlessly conflicted and soullessly depleted, how can we let go of the myth that BEING a mother and a leader have to be mutually exclusive?

How do we forge a new platform for our soul to express and our vision to unfold in a truly unique and fully embodied way? How can we, evolutionary women, leaders, artists and visionaries, find pathways to manifest our destiny contribution in spite of motherhood?

As a transformational leadership educator, Nathalie shines new light on the opportunity women of this day and age have been given to ignite a chain reaction that radically transforms the many areas of their lives so they finally match the fullness of their hearts and souls.

Her vision is an invitation for mothers to co-create, together, the future of our world.

Motherhood & Leadership Free Webinar

The webinar was a high value, high impact session hosted by Kathy Fray (Midwife, maternity Author) on behalf of, as part of their Maternity Natural Health Webinars series.

During the chat we shared:

  1. What is one of the hardest challenges for women of this day and age to be, as a mother, and as a leader in their field.
  2. What is the process to awaken the larger field of life that is calling you.
  3. What you can do now to make sure you can be successful at raising your own leaders in this changing world.
  4. How you can tame the paradox and quantum leap out of uncertainty, claiming the life that you want in the next 12 months.
  5. Anti-fragility (becoming fearless about failure – how to use setback as a slingshot opportunity for learning and growth).

On the call, we also mentioned the FREE assessment resource to answer the question: “Are You An Influential Mother? Take the FREE Assessment.” If you would like to receive your own copy of the free quiz, click on the button below.

Please share your biggest takeaway and insights below the replay!

I look forward to reading your comments.

Have an powerful week, mamma!


Much love,
Nathalie xx

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